New bookstore opens In Holt

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By Stefany Banda
Holt Journal staff writer

HOLT — Former Bargain Books employee Laura Murphy recently decided to open her own bookstore, The Bookshelf, to assure that the community still has one.

Laura Murphy worked at the now-closed Bargain Books for eight years. The store closed after the Kroger in the same plaza announced a plan to expand its store in December.

The Bookshelf, 2417 Cedar St Holt, MI 48842 Photo By Stefany Banda

Murphy said that the former owner of Bargain Books started selling books online last year which caused business to increase 80 percent, which led to the closing of the store.

“We’ve open for about four weeks now. I felt that we still needed a bookstore in town instead of driving all of the way to the mall,” Murphy said.

The Bookshelf offers a variety of books at a discounted price, as well as free wifi.

Murphy also chose to buy and sell textbooks, which is a convenient service to Michigan State University and Lansing Community College students.The Bookshelf’s location being about 15 minutes from both campuses. Photo By Stefany Banda

Murphy said she “surprisingly” hasn’t seen a severe decline in business due to tablets and kindles.

“People say book stores may not be around in 10 years. I say that’s probably true, but I believe it may take longer than that. There are just some things that aren’t available on a kindle or tablet,” Murphy said.

Murphy said her store has a direct connection with a popular publishing company, which allows her to be able to take orders for any book to be delivered quickly f it isn’t currently on the shelf.

Murphy said if business continues to pick up, she plans on taking the next suite over to add a café where customers can read and have refreshments.

One thought on “New bookstore opens In Holt

  1. Great article. Very interesting to see that the influence of reading tablets hasn’t affected her store