LUCAS 2 helps fire department save lives

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By Julia Grippe
Holt Journal staff writer

DELHI — The Delhi Charter Township Fire Department has been using the LUCAS2 to assist fire fighters with CPR.

Lt. Jeffery Young demonstrated how the LUCAS 2 chest compression system works and explained how it has saved lives at the Committee of the Whole meeting Feb. 21.

The LUCAS 2 first checks the firmness of the person’s chest to get the correct depth and then performs CPR for up to 45 minutes, said Young. The chest compression system cannot be used on children under nine-years-old.

The fire department has been using the LUCAS 2 for about one and a half years. Young said, “We’ve had quite a few saves.”

The LUCAS 2 frees up a set of hands whileon the job. “We get pulses back that we would have never gotten back before,” said Young.

Each machine costs about $1,400 and is paid for by grants.

“It’s a great machine but a little expensive for $1,400,” said Delhi Township Supervisor, Stuart Goodrich. “But our Chief, Rick Royston, does well with grants.”

Young said the LUCAS 2 is like having another person. It’s especially useful when other fire fighters are out on a call and there are limited people.

The board of trustees sees the number of runs that the fire department makes each month. “Our particular department is typically giving more help than it’s receiving,” said Goodrich.

In 2011, the Delhi Township Fire Department made 228 structural fire runs and had 2,477 EMT calls.

It’s common for communities around Delhi Township to call for assistance.  The Delhi Fire Department gives twice as much aid as it receives from other communities, said Goodrich.

Sometimes other townships are more convenient for the Delhi Fire Department to get to, said Goodrich.

In January alone, the fire department made 31 fire and rescue runs in Delhi Township and two in Alaiedon Township to the east.

When asked what he thought of the LUCAS 2, Goodrich said, “I hope they don’t have to use it on me!”

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