Ingham County Jail inmate found dead

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By Darcie Moran
Ingham County Chronicle staff writer

An inmate at Ingham County Jail was found dead of an apparent suicide on the morning of March 19.

Daniel J. Bronold, pictured above in a booking photograph, died of an apparent suicide on March 19 in Ingham County Jail.

Chief Deputy Greg Harless of the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office said  the inmate, Daniel J. Bronold, was found hanging by his bed sheets in his cell at  about 11:25 a.m.

“Up until the time of his death we had no indication that he was suicidal,” Harless said.

Eight to 10 members of the staff attempted to resuscitate the 33-year-old Lansing man for about 33 minutes before he was pronounced dead.

According to Harless, there been three suicides at the jail, 640 N. Cedar Street in Mason, in the past 10 years, making the incident fairly rare.

Harless said the jail has staff available to deal with mental health problems for individuals who say they want help or if behaviors shows they’ll need it. Individuals who are considered a suicide risk are placed in a special holding cell and and monitored 24 hours a day.

Bronold, from Lansing, was awaiting trial on charges of assault with intent to rob while armed, unlawful imprisonment, armed robbery, aggravated stalking and uttering and publishing.

The suicide is under investigation.

According to the World Health Organization, pre-trial detainees are about seven and a half times more likely to attempt suicide than individuals not detained, and sentenced prisoners are about six times more likely to attempt suicide than individuals not detained.

The suicide has had an impact on the morale of the county jail staff, said Harless.

“It’s devastating to a lot of people around here,” Harless said. “But certainly more (devastating) for the family.”

Harless said it’s a tragedy for everyone on staff, but especially those that tried to save Bronold. Few people have the experience of being in charge of someone’s life and trying to keep them alive.

“He was somebody to a lot of people, so our hearts go out to the family,” Harless said.

Bronold came into the public eye in December when he allegedly assaulted a testifying victim and two officers during a pre-trial hearing for a domestic assault case.

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