Come Visit Old Town

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When you think of downtown Lansing the last thing that comes to mind is small town charm. Surprisingly enough that is exactly what you will find if you head up the river. In the Northern part of downtown Lansing there is Old Town, where tiny boutiques and antique stores set up shop.

“Old Town is where Lansing gets creative,” is the description from In Old Town a visitor will find lots to do. Places like Greenfield Collection Antiques offers a great selection on antiques at an affordable price. Love, Betti is another shop that offers not only antiques but various second hand items.  Polka Dots Bead-A-Full Boutiques offers beautiful and unique beads for your crafty side.

Each of the stores and boutiques in Old Town could second as art galleries with their artistic displays. Luckily Old Town is not lacking in art galleries if you are looking for the real thing. Places like Great Lakes Artwork features local artists work. Other places are Creole Gallery located on Turner St.

Old Town is not lacking in small town charm. With its exquisite galleries, eclectic boutiques and café’s and always interesting festivals Old Town is the place to look for a special outing you won’t soon forget.

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