Two Spartan Cousins To Run Lansing Half Marathon

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Two Michigan State University students are currently training for The Lansing Half Marathon to take place April 22.

Jessica Bonner and Michelle Holcomb, freshman cousins, have 80 days until they await the sound of the gun at the start line. Bonner and Holcomb have never ran a marathon before, but are working out in the gym five days a week to prepare.

Lansing Sports Management, a company formed in April 2011, coordinates the Lansing Marathon. Lansing Sports Management operates road races and other sporting events around the world, according to their Facebook.

The Lansing Half Marathon is 13.1 miles and is certified by USA Track and Field, the official course-certifying organization in the United States, according to their website.

Owen Anderson, race director, has been planning this marathon since March 2011. Anderson directs everything from managing to marketing.

Anderson has been running professionally for 26 years and is very involved with many aspects of running.

“Over the past 4 years people have been trying to transform Lansing’s economy for the better,” said Anderson. “I decided to arrange a marathon after talking to Lansing’s Mayor, Virg Bernero to boost the economy with something I’m very passionate for.”

The Lansing Half Marathon is a fundraiser for charities that help children locally and around the world.

The Lansing Half Marathon charities include the Baker-Donora Community Center, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, American Cancer Society, Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center, Bingham Elementary School, Lansing Boys and Girls Club, Mid-MEAC, Medals4Mettle, and the Greater Lansing Food Bank, according to their website.

Bonner and Holcomb are preparing mentally and physically for The Lansing Half Marathon. They decided to do the half marathon instead of the full because they’re amateurs.

“We are on a tight training schedule which requires us to run three miles, four days a week, and four miles, once a week,” Bonner said.

“I decided to do The Lansing Half Marathon because I’ve always wanted to try one,” said Holcomb. “It’s a good goal to work towards and I like being healthy.”

Having moral support definitely keeps a focused mindset when training for such a big event, said Bonner.

Bonner and Holcomb’s focus is to train for The Lansing Half Marathon and use that as a stepping-stone to bigger marathons in the future.

“I would eventually love to run the Detroit Free Press marathon and actually run the whole thing,” said Bonner. “You get to run across the Ambassador Bridge and that’s awesome.

For more information on the upcoming Detroit Free Press Marathon, visit

Participants must be 18 years or older to register. The Lansing Half Marathon is accepting up to 12,000 runners, to sing up please visit

– Kevin Burrows

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