Super Bowl a time to celebrate at Holt Christian

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By Zach Smith
Holt Journal staff writer

Holt Christian Church has been around since 1990

The congregation of Holt Christian Church celebrated Super Bowl Sunday in a different way than most people in America. But this is a church that has a history of looking at things differently and starting new traditions.

The member team at the church, located at 2424 Washington Road, put on a Super Bowl party for members to come together and bring their friends and families to the church.

Jim Blair is a deacon and the leader of the membership team. He and his wife have been attending the church for six years.

Some of the congregation watch the game on the big screen in the sanctuary

“We just want people to feel comfortable,” Blair said. “This is nothing but spending time together.”

Blair, who works in the marketing department of a fertilizing company, said that the average turnout is about 50 people, but the biggest turnout he has seen is 80 people.

“People are just too busy today,” he said. “When I was a kid, everybody knew all their neighbors and we got together for holidays and big events.”

The Super Bowl party is not the only community event the church puts on, but it’s the one that it has done every year since the current building was built in 1998.

Dan Cameron, minister at Holt Christian Church, says that other events are just as important as the Super Bowl party.

Cameron said that the church has a similar party for the University of Michigan versus Michigan State University football game.

He also said that the church puts on a “Trunk-or-Treat” in the parking lot where members of the community make a trunk with a theme to create a safer place for families of the community to bring children on Halloween. A hot dog roast and hayrides are also offered at the event.

The church has about 120-130 members and has been around since 1990.

Mike Klavka is a founder of the church and said about 20-30 members that lived in the Holt area created Holt Christian Church from the Christian church in south Lansing. His brother, Ike, was also the first minister at Holt Christian.

The congregation met at Elliott Elementary School, where Klavka’s wife is a teacher, before raising enough money to purchase the 10 acres that that church is on.

“We had a great day of giving, and we are thankful.” Klavka said about the how they raised the money to build the building.

Klavka said that in 1998, the Jack Ballard Church Builders group from Decatur, GA brought about 20 workers to help build the building Holt Christian is in.

“Our members did most of the grunt work, but the church builders built the foundation and put up the shell of the building,” Klavka said.

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