Ron Paul Speaks at MSU Auditorium

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Ron Paul supporters gathered yesterday afternoon at Michigan State University’s auditorium to hear the GOP candidate speak the day before the Michigan Republican Presidential Primary.

Students and people of the community gathered while chanting, “President Paul,” before giving their full attention to the republican candidate as he took the stage to give his speech.

Ethan Davis, a student and chairman for MSU’s “Youth for Paul,” introduced the congressman to a crowd that was certainly a mix of all ages.

Among the crowd was a “Youth for Paul,” Katherine Patterson, 16, of Holt High School.

“I came out to kind of see what was going on,” Patterson said.

Patterson, being under the legal voting age won’t be able to cast her vote in the republican primary, had heard about Paul speaking at MSU through her high school government class.

“My government teacher was talking about it and encouraged students to come check it out. There are actually a lot of kids from my school here,” Patterson said.

Congressman Paul, who said he was surprised and impressed with the turnout, first introduced his wife of 55 years and his gradnddaughter as they sat on stage for support.

The crowd stood and chanted, “end the fed,” as the congressman spoke of repealing the Federal Reserve Act.

Paul patiently waited to continue his speech as his supporters broke into random chants throughout, with the most popular being, “President Paul,” and “end the fed.”

Congressman Paul received numerous standing ovations from his supporters.

The crowd exploded with applause and rose to their feet after Paul said, “Only defensive wars. That’s what the constitution says.”

Among Paul supporters was Benjamin Dahl, who believes the GOP candidate will win if everything goes smoothly at the polls.

“I think he will win if there is no toying around with the votes. That could negatively effect the outcome for sure,” Dahl said.

Congressman Paul’s speech didn’t change the way Dahl feels about the candidate.

“I mean, I was already convinced of Paul’s opinion so his speech just emphasized that,” Dahl said.

As the Presidental candidate wrapped up his speech under one hour, the crowd rose to their feet and applauded.

“I’ve followed Paul in this republican primary and I am among many supporters. He can win,” Dahl said.

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