“Red Tails” hits Lansing Township

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The historical film, “Red Tails” set a statement to competing movies when the film opened at second in the box office, grossing over $19 million opening weekend.

“Red Tails”, executive produced by George Lucas, tells the story of the first African-American aerial combat unit who fought in World War II. Lucas said in an appearance on The Daily Show that the film had been “held up for release since 1942 since it was shot,” but that it was hard getting funding for the movie because of the black cast.

“It’s because it’s an all-black movie. There’s no major white role in it at all,” said Lucas on The Daily Show.

Despite, the hard time Lucas had with getting the film released, movie goers in Lansing Township responded in a positive way.

“’Red Tails’ was an awesome film,” said 19-year-old Nicole Jackson. I’m really proud that we are able to produce a movie with a majority black cast and still fill seats.”

Jackson and her friends were among customers who went to the midnight release of “Red Tails” at NCG Eastwood Cinemas, located in Lansing Township.

Patrick O’boyle, promotions and marketing manager at NCG Eastwood, said the release was a success.

“We haven’t looked at numbers yet but we filled most of the theater,” said O’boyle.

O’boyle said there was a lot of traffic from Michigan State University students, like Jackson, because of NCG Eastwood Cinema’s proximity to campus.

Stephanie Rosseau, 19, agrees with O’boyle.

“I decided to come out to NCG Eastwood because it’s the closest movie theater to campus and I really felt it was necessary for the African American community to get out and see this movie,” said Rouseau.

NCG Eastwood Cinemas plans on showing the movie for another two to three weeks before it is removed from their theater, which, according to O’boyle, is typical of regular movie theater lengths.

Written by Ashleigh Artist. artistas@msu.edu

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