Pickin' in the Park

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The residents of Old Town are known to be a tight-knit community where everybody is a friend with everybody. This is especially evident in Old Town’s weekly event, Pickin’ in the Park.

Pickin’ in the Park is a weekly event where artists, musicians, and residents from around the Old Town area gather to play music together.  The event is intended for all players of instruments, no matter how skilled or experienced you are.

The event, which is held every Tuesday at the Sir Pizza Grand Café, draws a variety of crowds, according to Darlene McIntosh, who is a frequent player at the event.

“Some days we have a big crowd, some days we don’t,” said McIntosh. “Regardless of how many people are listening, we play because we enjoy it.

Ernie Mullings, another frequent player at the event, has another theory.

“I think a lot of the time our crowd depends on what’s on the television,” said Mullings.

“Sometimes it’s a little slow at first, but by seven, we usually have a good amount of people either participating, or watching,” said Mullings.

The event begins with one person picking a song with everyone then joining in, singing and playing in unison. Everyone takes turn picking songs and this continues for the duration of the time.

“It’s a real fun event and it’s a great way to meet new friends who all enjoy playing music,” said McIntosh.

The musicians at the event use a variety of instruments including guitars, drums, and even African shakers.

The most unique and oldest instrument came from Mullings, with his vintage Tenor four-string, aluminum guitar.

“It’s made of aluminum because back then, wooden guitars weren’t loud enough,” said Mullings. “The aluminum base acts as an amplifier, which is something they didn’t have back then.”

Mullings also owns an antique version of the guitar that’s from the 1920’s, but doesn’t use because, “he doesn’t want to break it and it’s cheaper,” said Mullings.

Pickin’ in the Park is held every Tuesday night at the Sir Pizza Grand Café from 6-9 p.m. in the winter months.

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