Local Elementary Hosts Polling Site

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Local school, Fairview Elementary, is one of the many polling sites around Lansing for the Republican Primaries.

There are over 20 polling locations for the republican primaries. Fairview polling worker Mary Reynolds said that Fairview Elementary, precinct eight, had one of the larger numbers.

“From what the different people that have come in here, that work for the city for the election are saying, we have some of the most,” said Reynolds of the amount of people they are getting at Fairview Elementary.

Within the day that ran from seven a.m. to eight a.m. Fairview Elementary had nearly 200 ballots.  Reynolds stressed the fact that each type of election was different; the elections in November could mean many more voters for this precinct.

The elementary was happy to host the primaries said Reynolds. The polling site it set up in the library away from most classes.

“Every time people give us a building they bend over backwards to help us,” said Reynolds. “From a couple different principals I’ve been told they feel it is very important students see this kind of government in action.”

Reynolds has a lot of experience with the public. She has been working on elections for years, in her experience she has been able to gather some ideas of how the elections will go.

“If you want me to give you the honest to God truth, I think Ron Paul is going to be the president. I think Newt (Gingrich) is going to be the Vice President.” Said Reynolds.  “The other two men’s egos wouldn’t allow them to be.”

Fellow election poll worker Carol Doll agrees with Reynolds when it come to Ron Paul, but unlike Reynolds she does not think Ron Paul can beat Obama.

“I think it will be neck and neck,” said Reynolds. “if the Republican party really wants to beat Obama they’ll put Ron Paul in.”

Reynolds may think Ron Paul has the election in the bag but there are others that think differently. Lansing’s Denise Knechtges says we should look to other candidates for the lead Republican.

“Rick Santorum is going to win (the republican primary),” said Knechtges.  Knechtges made it clear that her opinion was that Obama would be the final winner though.

Voters may not be able to agree on who will win the primaries but they can all agree on the efficiency of the polling sites.

“It was very organized,” said Knechtges. “I was in and out.”

Mary Reynolds said they show up around six to be prepared to open polls at seven. The group of workers, a group that is usually anywhere from five to eight people, work from polls open to close.

“We usually try and get out around eight, but sometimes we’re here until nine or ten,” said Reynolds.

Today’s elections are tallied by a computer so the workers actually have no idea who the winner of this area will be.

“It’s a toss up,” said Reynolds. “It’s like throwing four coins in the air and seeing which one lands heads up.”

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