Voter turnout low in 2nd precinct

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By Stefan Kubus
Lansing Township News staff weiter

Precinct #2 - Plymouth Congregational Church

Voters were out on Tuesday, hoping to see their respective choices for the Michigan Republican Primary get nominated for the next presidential election. But there wasn’t a huge turnout at the second precinct of Lansing Township.

Poll official Cheryl Dobings at the Plymouth Congregational Church on Grand River Ave. said that the polls had been mostly quiet for the day.

“There hasn’t been too many people coming in,” said Dobings of the morning and early afternoon. “I would expect people to come in after work since the lunch break crowd was small.”

With that being said, it’s important to keep in mind that the local church–the second precinct–was only part of the township’s voting area. There were two other precincts within the township.

Lansing Township resident and avid voter Rich Defever said he was surprised to hear that it hadn’t been too busy.

“I vote every election that comes around,” said Defever. “It’s too bad more people don’t make it out to the polls. In my mind, it’s the most vital choice a citizen can make.”

He wasn’t the only voter who felt that way, too. Brittany Haskins said she makes a point to come out and vote.

“Whenever the opportunity comes up, I have to go vote,” said the 24-year-old Haskins. “Our future and the way we live basically depends on it. Having a chance to shape that future is just priceless.”

All the exciting and crucial aftermath has since been revealed to us.

We now know that Michigan native Mitt Romney won the Michigan Republican Primary with 41% of the vote, while Rick Santorum finished close behind him at 37%.

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