Holt woman appointed to Physician’s Assistant Task Force

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By Maddie Fetchiet
Holt Journal Staff Writer

On Dec. 23, 2011, April Adado received an early Christmas present from Gov. Rick Snyder. She was appointed to the Michigan Task Force on Physician’s Assistants.

Adado said that Mike Degrow, executive director of the Michigan Academy of Physician’s Assistants sent her letter asking if she was interested in the position.

From there, she received a call from the governor’s staff and the job was made official. The board members appointed by former Gov. Jennifer Granholm were nearing the end of their four-year term on Dec. 31, according to Adado.

April’s husband, Tom Adado says she is perfect for the job, an opinion shared by many that know her.

“Her integrity and her willingness to help people makes her great for the job,” Tom Adado said.

The task force oversees the conduct of physician’s assistants by enforcing standards of the law and helping interpret legislation, according to April Adado. Members of the task force can revoke the licenses of physician’s assistants that are practicing unethically.

“I quickly realized I needed to use the position wisely because there is a lot riding on our decisions. My goal is to keep our profession’s reputation positive,” Adado said.

Feb. 9 was the first meeting for the task force. According to Adado, the task force meets quarterly and all meetings are public, but there is rarely a large public turnout.

Discussions in the recent meeting included the interpretation of new rules passed by the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

“When a patient brings a complaint to the attorney general about a questionable practice, the attorney then brings that to the task force to help with interpretation,” Adado said. “All decisions are voted on by the board, including members that are not physician’s assistants, and the majority vote decides how to proceed with the case.”

Trusting Adado with such responsibilities was just the honor she deserved, according to Adado’s aunt, Betty Cushman.

“She is very disciplined, that is one of her best qualities,” Cushman said. “Whatever she puts her heart into, she completes it. She is a complete achiever.”

Adado said she has always loved the science and medical fields, noting that her favorite part of her profession is affecting the lives of patients.

“It’s really nice when patients come back with stories of how I truly made a difference in their lives,” Adado said.

Adado earned her associate degree in respiratory therapy at Lansing Community College, her bachelor’s degree in health studies from Western Michigan University, and her master’s degree in physician assistant studies from Central Michigan University.

In 2007 Adado joined the staff at J.P. Wulff, D.O., a family practice in Eaton Rapids, MI, where she currently works. Previously, Adado worked at the Ingham Regional Medical Center, the second largest hospital in Lansing, while completing her degrees.

According to Cushman, Adado’s passion for her profession has been long-lived.

“She loves the physician’s assistant field and always has. She puts her whole heart and soul into her family and her career,” Cushman said.

According to Adado, the opportunity to volunteer and expand her comfort zone attracted her to the task force position.

“I’d been practicing for four-and-a-half years, so the motivation for doing the job was to get out and volunteer,” Adado said.

Adado will serve as a member of the task force until 2015, and continues to practice at J.P. Wulff, D.O.



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