Delhi Township appoints new treasurer

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By Julia Grippe
Holt Journal staff writer

HOLT — Roy Sweet has stepped into the position of Delhi Township treasurer after Harry Ammon retired at the end of 2011.

The Delhi Township Board of Trustees appointed Sweet as the new treasurer until the entire board is up for re-election in November 2012.

The board has seven members: township supervisor, clerk, treasurer and four trustees, said Sweet.

Even Hope, the township clerk said, “We took applications and three people applied and Roy was the one that the majority of the board picked.”

“He was, in my opinion, the best qualified to fulfill the 9-month vacancy,” said Stuart Goodrich, Delhi Township supervisor.

Goodrich said, “I have known Roy Sweet for years, long before we were involved with the township. I have actually worked with Roy in the township for about eight years.”

Goodrich said Sweet is experienced because he was an accountant for the school system. “He simply decided that he wanted to retire from the school system. He wanted to give more time to the township and his church.”
Hope said Sweet retired without any early retirement incentives or bonus.

Sweet said, “I have lived in Delhi Township my entire life, 51 years. I am a Holt High School graduate and I went to Lansing Community College.”

Sweet has a lot of experience with the community. “I worked for Holt Schools for 13 years and I served as a trustee for a dozen years prior to becoming treasurer,” said Sweet.  “All of my work experience has been in book keeping and accounting.”

Goodrich said some residents expressed serious concerns about the new treasurer but he thinks most of the township believes the board made the correct decision.

The board filled in Sweet’s previous trustee position with DiAnne Warfield, said Goodrich.

Warfield is young, has children in Holt schools, works at the library and is on the Downtown Development Authority Board.

“We needed a female’s voice on our board,” said Goodrich. “A young lady with children can do even more to our benefit.” Warfield is the only woman on the board of trustees.

Goodrich said, “We absolutely made the right decision on replacing the trustee and treasurer.”

Sweet does not have any plans for major changes yet. “If there are changes, they would be smaller,” he said.

Sweet said he wants to push for efficiency. “We would like to see more residents sign up to pay their sewer bill directly,” said Sweet. “We would also like to email sewer bills.”

Sweet said the township has started a high-deductible health care plan for employees so that the township isn’t picking up the entire health care bill.

Part of Gov. Rick Snyder’s initiative is to have township employees pick up 20 percent of the premium cost of health care and the township pick up 80 percent.
Sweet said, “This is our goal and we think we will achieve that by next year.”

“Since we have asked the township employees to pick up more of the health care bill,” said Sweet, “we find that it is only fair to help them out by giving the employees a 2 percent pay increase this year. No one has received a pay increase in the past two years.”

Sweet said he is committed to serving the township and if residents have any questions or comments, he is available and appreciates hearing from them.

Phone: 517-694-0333

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