Classic Michigan Corvette

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The Chevrolet Corvette is a beautiful car that was first produced by General Motors in 1953. Corvettes were originally built on the assembly lines in Flint, Michigan as well as St. Louis, Missouri. The model seen above is a first generation-C1 made around 1956.

In 1951, designer Harley J. Earl wanted to make low-cost American sports car to compete with European models like the Jaguar and Ferrari. The first Corvette was assembled in Flint, Michigan on June 28, 1953. The car was finished two days later, making a total of 300 cars made on the assembly line that year.

When the Corvette first rolled off the assembly line in the early 50s, the starting price was around $3,500. Nearly 60 years later, the C-1 racer would cost roughly $89,000. In other words, I could go to Michigan State University debt free and never have to work another crummy minimum wage job if I had this car to sell. How disturbing….

This car can be found on the first floor of the Michigan Historical Museum in the center of Lansing but it’s a classic so keep your hands off!

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