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Tatiana is a pit bull that was brutally abused and left for dead by her owner’s boyfriend, Ray Potter last January. The poor thing will probably never live a normal (dog) life after the traumatic incidences she experienced but she is undergoing rehabilitation and is in a much better state than one year ago. I find it very noble of the Capital Area Humane Society to block the dog’s return to an abusive household. I stand up for Tatiana and the billions of other animals that are abused each year when I say that animal cruelty must come to an end.

I found it even more difficult to see a picture of Tatiana’s injuries because she looks very similar to my older brother’s dog, Trammell. Tatiana’s situation is ironic because there is this common misconception that pit bulls are vicious and cruel but as we see in cases like this one, it all comes down to how the animal was raised. Obviously if a dog grows up in an environment where fighting is acceptable, it will be more likely to attack a child or another dog. But Trammell, who was taught correctly, is merely an oversized baby with a top-heavy cranium.

 The next time you see the tear jerking Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial and want to change the channel (you know you do it), take a minute to remember all the animals that were not so lucky as Tatiana to be saved from abuse.


If you think you may be a witness of animal abuse in your community, visit:

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