Holt Lions Club hosts spaghetti dinner fundraiser

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By Stefany Banda
Holt Journal staff writer

The Holt Lions Club held its annual spaghetti dinner fundraiser Friday, Feb. 11, at Holt United Methodist Church.The fundraiser took place from 4:30-7 p.m. Tickets for the all-you-can-eat dinner were pre-sold for $7, and were available for $8 at the door.

Holt Lions Club members prepare spaghetti. Photo by Stefany Banda

Unlike years in the past, this year the dinner was catered. The meal was provided by Fazoli’s, a popular Italian family restaurant located in Lansing. The dinner consisted of spaghetti, salad, bread, cake and drinks. The Lions Club ordered about 150 meals.

Last year’s president, Steve Delaney, said that money is being raised for a wide range of charity events, such as the White Cane project that provides public safety devices for the deaf and visually impaired.

Delaney said there are about 40 members in the Holt Lions Club, and about 25 were ere working the event. There were also Cub Scouts supporting the event by serving as busboys, and wiping tables and cleaning dishes.

“Last year, we didn’t do a ton of advertising. This year I think we are doing much better because we chose to advertise more throughout the community,” Delaney said.

Kristin Moore, the treasurer of the Holt Lions Club, said about 120 people came and supported the event this year.

According to Moore, this was the first year that there was entertainment the dinner. Two friends of a Holt Lions Club member volunteered to provide live acoustic guitar music.

According to Delaney, as far as a fundraising goal, he said there wasn’t a specific goal they were aiming for.

“We just hope to make some money so we don’t go in the red.  The spaghetti dinner isn’t one of our biggest projects, but it’s still important to support the cause and fundraise as much as we can at an event like this,” Delaney said.

According to Delaney, Holt United Methodist Church, 2321 Aurelius Road, Holt, MI 48842, has been a great location for the event, because two members of the Lions Club are also members of the church.

Delaney said, “We’ve put on this event for about 10 years now. We’re looking forward to next year’s event, which will be right around the same time of the year.”