Welcome to Grand Ledge

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Government Leaders

Mayor: Kalmin D. Smith (517)-622-2856; kalminsmith@gmail.com; 119 West Jefferson street Grand Ledge, MI 48837

City Clerk: Gregory Newman(517)- 622-7920; gnewman@grand-ledge.com; 200 E. Jefferson court, Gand Ledge, MI 48837

City Administrator: Jon Bayless (517)-622-7924; jbayless@grand-ledge.com; 200 E. Jefferson court, Gand Ledge, 48837

City Treasurer: Chuck Remenar (517)-627-2149; cremenar@grand-ledge.com; 200 E. Jefferson court, Gand Ledge 48837


White – 94.4%

Black – .9%

Native Americans .5%

Asians – .8%

Hawaiians – .1%

History of Grand Ledge: Before present day Grand Ledge was settled, Native Americans called the area ‘Big Rocks’ but it wasn’t until 1836 that the first settlers reached Oneida township. It wouldn’t be until 1850 when settlers decided to name their new village Grand Ledge and the first post office was established. In 1851 the ‘Red School’ was built where the Greenwood School stands today. Railroads finally appeared on the north side of Grand Ledge in 1869, the same year in which The Grand Ledge Independent was founded. Finally, in 1893 the state of Michigan incorporated Grand Ledge as a city.

 City of Grand Ledge Website Review

The website is functional. It has a large title with an address and phone number visible at the top of the page. There are alphabetical links of the contents of the website going down the left side which allows you to navigate to other parts of the web page where you will find more information. There are also links on the right side of the page with most recent “city links” of different meetings and events. Furthermore, there is news feed in the middle of the page that gets updated with entries quite regularly. Unfortunately, there is no search bar, which makes it difficult if what you’re looking for isn’t in the linked categories.

Overall, It does a good job at informing the town’s citizens of meetings, contact numbers and what is going on in the community. It is also rather dull; there are no pictures, videos, or audio clips to interest the viewer at all.


Our Map of Grand Ledge: Grand Ledge JRN 300

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