Sophie Wang

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Yanjie Wang is an international student from Beijing, China. She is willing to be called Sophie if it is easier to pronounce. Sophie grew up in Beijing, the capital city of China where has the fascinating culture and food.

Sophie finished her bachelors’ degree of Management in Management Information Systems, a major with the combined knowledge in Information Technology and Business,  in the Capital University of Economics and Business.

Yanjie’ s initial connection with journalism dated back to her junior year(2009-1010), when studying at the Northern State University (NSU), Aberdeen, a city that is freezing colder than East Lansing, South Dakota for one-year exchange. She took a course of Basic News Writing. Practicing writing articles and having a trial of being an anchor reporting stories, the class motivated her to pursue another degree in the Journalism.

In addition, Sophie volunteered at 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. She also took a volunteer trip to the Catalina Island Conservancy off coast of L.A. in 2010 during the spring break in the NSU. She blogs in China sometimes and is also active in Chinese facebook (Renren) and Chinese twitter (Sina Microblog), which she thinks are good way to be kept updated with the news in her country.

For more information about her and her life in America, for photos of Catalina Island, follow Sophie on Facebook.

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