Jill Alyse Silverstein

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Jill Silverstein has always been interested in writing, people and entertainment. Not surprisingly, these traits unfolded early as Jill was the entertainment editor for her Berkley High School newspaper.

Jill was delighted and thankful that she was accepted into the only college she applied for. Both of her parents went to Michigan State University creating a “bleed green” mentality since birth.

Her first internship was on radio station Channel 95.5 in Detroit. She has also done job shadows with Fox Sports Detroit, ESPN, WILX and WLNS. She spent a year with Spartan Vision, helping to produce MSU sporting events. Her second internship was in California at Fox Sports Los Angeles.

During her collegiate career, she produced her own sports show, Overtime with Max and Silver, which streamed live each week at Lansing Online News.

As her interests have shifted away from sports, Jill is excited to graduate and potentially explore a career that combines fashion with public relations. Her current internship at Lezotte Miller Public Relations Inc. will lead to further exposure in the media industry. However, her original goal of becoming a reporter/anchor in a big city is still something she contemplates.

When she is not chasing after interview sources or quickly assembling a camera to try and get a good shot, Jill works at Buffalo Wild Wings as a server and loves the constant interaction with people and the sales aspect. She has a prominent interest in nutrition and weight lifting allowing her to maintain a healthy lifestyle with fitness as a top priority. Kickboxing,circuit training, sprinting, body sculpting and yoga are related interests.

Jill is an avid sale shopper who loves volunteering, children, making people happy, writing, standing out in a crowd and expressing herself in any way possible. Because of this, she is excited to continue mastering her very blunt and honest shopping/nutritional blog for all of the world to see (location information to come).

With an expected Summer 2012 graduation, Jill would be overjoyed at the opportunity to work in Chicago or New York and be the head of a big public relations firm. Once she makes a lot of money, Jill will be a huge worldwide philanthropist ending world hunger, abuse and making sure every child is loved. 🙂

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