Tanning Bed Danger

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Colder weather may put  thoughts of sunny skies in your head, which could lead to a trip to the tanning salon. But studies suggest there is a stronger link than ever before between tanning beds and the most dangerous form of skin cancer.

Everyday, thousands of college students across the country visit indoor tanning salons. But they may be taking home more than tan.

” There is definitely correlation between exposure to tanning in tanning salons and development into melanoma”, Dr. Gordan Srkalovic said.

But even students who know about the risk say they still choose to ignore it.

“I don’t think tanning can be negative thing in my life. I am just 21 years old girl and I just want to be tan. Maybe it sounds like selfish or materialistic. But right now it does not affect my life,” Tessa Gonzales, one of MSU Junior said.

Experts say young people are more susceptible to the development of melanoma due to how often they use the tanning beds.

“It was found that 4-5 times in exposure to tanning bed compared to control population. From these studies, we concluded there is a definitely connection between exposure in tanning bed and risks of malignant melanoma, which is a very deadly disease,” Gordan said.

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