Pathway brings pedestrian traffic for residents.

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By Karlee Humphry
Meridian Times staff writer

What was once a proposal of a pathway worrying residents, has turned into a joyful means of commute in the township.

The inter-urban pathway was recently paved, lying where the old inter-urban railway system once operated. It is located off Marsh Rd. between Haslett Rd and Grand River Ave.  The main purpose of this pathway is to help provide a walkable community.

“We need to provide transportation for all modes of transportation, not just the cars or motorcycles,” said Meridian Township Director of Public Works and Engineering, Ray Severy. “Especially in Meridian Township, there are a lot of people who walk and ride their bike, so we provide them a safe place to do that.”

The pathway stretches 10 feet wide, with nature on each side. Township treasurer, Julie Brixie, uses the pathway on a daily basis, whether it’s just for a quick walk, or a commute to work.

“It’s such a great scenic corridor,” Said Brixie. “There’s so much natural beauty there, it’s really an asset to Meridian Township.”

The township has already began to talk about paving more pathways in the future, including Mt.Hope road.  Public hearings have already been held, holding many worried residents.  However, According to Ray Severy, the pathways are apart of the master plan, and the township hopes that all pathways will connect at some point in the future.

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