Old Town's Mural Budget

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by: Alex Yavaraski

Old Town Times staff writer:

Old Town Mural Budget

            With a grant from the Capital Area Community Foundation (CACF), the Old Town Commercial Association (OTCA) will turn a mural program that was once a vision, into a reality.

“They gave us a grant for just over $2,500,” said Brittney Hoszkiw, executive director of the OTCA.  This project will turn what is currently an alley used for parking into an outdoor gallery.  “We have been working to make this project possible for over 4 years now,” said Hoszkiw.

“Each artist will be provided with $900 dollars worth of equipment to complete their mural;” said Lisa Wright, Communication Intern/Festival Director for the OTCA.  Old Town’s mural program will consist of three artists, each of whom will be responsible for painting one mural.  Each mural will be created on a different building.

To sum up this projects budget in just a few words;  The Capital Area Community Foundation granted the OTCA over $2,500.  $900 of the $2,500 will be given to each artist to provide supplies needed for each mural.  Hoszkiw said that if the artist plans to have a mural with a cost exceeding $900, the artist will have to provide that money on their own.

“This project is completely funded by the Capital Area Community Foundation,” said Hoszkiw.  No other donors contributed in this project that was made possible by the CACF.  “The $2,500 will provide the supplies needed for each artist, plus an additional $30 for a rough draft painting.”

“This project is critical for the economical development in the Old Town community,” said Eric Schertzing, Ingham County Treasurer.

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