Old Town Mural Program

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by: Alex Yavaraski

Old Town Times staff writer:

EAST LANSING, Mich. —   Earlier this month, the Old Town Commercial Association (OTCA) announced a program that will turn what is currently an alley located in the community of Old Town into an outdoor art gallery.

Three murals will be created, each on a different building in the alley.  They will be placed on 1224 Turner St., 317 E. Grand River Ave. and 329 E. Grand River Ave. according to the Old Town Website.

Each mural will be designed by a different qualified artist.  “Each artist will be provided with $900 dollars worth of equipment to complete the mural;” said Lisa Wright, who is interning for the OTCA.  Lisa is currently a junior studying communication arts at Michigan State University.  She said, “This project will benefit the community because it will help to accent the artistic culture in Old Town. I don’t know if you have ever been to Old Town but it is a very artsy town.” If an artist wants to create a mural of a higher value, then they must provide any amount exceeding the $900 on their own.  After the murals are complete they will be property of the OTCA.  Applications are currently being accepted until September 30th for a chance to design one of the three murals.

On Sunday, October 2nd there will be an event that will have the proposals on display. The event   will be open to the public.  Members who decide to attend will vote on the three best applications.

The Capital Area Community Foundation provided a grant that will make this project possible.  “The grant was for just over $2000,” said Brittney Hoszkiw, executive director of the OTCA. She said, “This is a project that we have been trying to create for over four years.”

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