Large Billboard to be Converted to Digital

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Oversized billboard will stay, but size will be reduced.

By Frank Sorise
Grand Ledge Gazette

The large Adam’s Outdoor Advertising located on M-43 in Grand Ledge will be converted to a smaller, digital billboard as part of the Walgreens project. The billboard is right near the new Tim Horton’s restaurant and faces eastbound traffic on M-43.  The Grand Ledge Planning Commission originally wanted the sign removed completely for safety reasons as the physical size of the sign was distracting to drivers.

“Unfortunately the legal agreement Adam’s Outdoor Advertising had negotiated with a prior owner of the property made removal of the sign almost impossible,” said Grand Ledge Mayor Kalmin Smith. “Removal of the sign would put the entire (Walgreens) construction project at risk.”

Jerry Platte, the Lansing region representative for Adam’s Outdoor Advertising said he appreciates the city’s continued cooperation throughout this conversion process. He said that Adam’s intends to have the conversion completed by the end of the year and asked for an extension until December 31, 2011. The project was anticipated to be completed in October.

City Agenda for sign removal can be found here. 

“I wish it was going to be removed entirely but we’ll take what we can get,” said Grand Ledge resident Holly Vickers. She went on to later say that Grand Ledge’s attempt at complete removal of the sign was a good effort, and that she appreciates Mayor Smith’s awareness of resident’s concerns.


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