Daytime burglary strikes Williamston home

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By Craig Peterson
Williamston Post staff writer

City police responded to a call from a Williamston resident who claimed someone had broken into his home. Police reports said the burglary occurred the morning of Oct. 7, during a three-hour period when no one was home.

The resident called police after noticing an open window in a spare room and a missing jar of money. Police found that someone had pried off the screen and gone in through the window. The incident occurred on Bismark Street, a highly traveled area of town, according to Williamston City Manager Tim Allard.

Police had no suspects and Chief Robert Young could not be reached for comment.

Home burglaries have become an increasing concern in a struggling economy. The daytime burglary in Williamston should come as no surprise, as states that most break-ins occur during the daylight hours when people are at school and work. Also, in most jurisdictions police are able to clear fewer than 15 percent of all reported cases.

For ways to protect yourself from break-ins, Kevin Coffey, founder of Corporate Travel Safety, posted tips on how to avoid home burglaries.


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