Williamston High School mourns student

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Gabe Corbett, 14, died when a section of wall fell on him on Oct. 26.

By Jesse O’Brien
Williamston Post staff writer

In the wake of the death of a Williamston High School student, District Superintendent Narda Murphy issued a statement on the district’s homepage concerning the incident.

Ninth-grader Gabe Corbett died Wednesday afternoon after a section of wall fell on him in the boy’s locker room. Paramedics from the Williamston Police Department, Ingham County Sherrif’s Office and the Michigan State Police were on hand to attempt to revive Corbett. The departments also are conducting an investigation to determine if Corbett’s death could have been prevented.

“Because the safety and security of our students is paramount, the Williamston School District is also conducting its own independent investigation,” the statement said.

According to the statement, the locker room was part of the school which was built in 1990 and the portion of wall that fell was a partial wall in between the lockers. The wall was seven feet high and made of concrete. The school has since closed off the area as a safety precaution.

The next day of classes continued as scheduled, but each school offered counseling for those looking for assistance with the grieving period.

Response from the student body has been overwhelming, with some students taking to social media websites such as Facebook to voice their feelings. One group titled “R.I.P. Gabe Corbett” had accumulated 131 members.

The group allows Corbett’s friends to post in his memory. Student Kristen Phelps posted “stay strong Williamston ♥ we all will make it through, one day at a time. love you all so much,” while other students took to Twitter, paying respects via the hashtag #RIPGabe.

Students also have created a memorial in the high school, making signs and hanging them up in a designated hallway. A memorial at the high school football field also is planned for 1 p.m. on Tuesday.

Representatives from the school district could not be reached and Murphy diverted comment to the statement.

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