Shooting Range reopens with plenty of public feedback

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By Jack Rodzik
Bath-DeWitt Connection staff writer

BATH, Mich. – Rose Lake Shooting Range has reopened its rifle and handgun sections with the new Americans with Disabilities Act’s requirements fulfilled, and shooters are more than ready to get back into the swing of things.

Mitch Sting, 61, aims down his scope at the improved Rose Lake rifle range

The ADA has set new rules in place for accommodating those who are disabled, and the local park has delayed opening its ranges until it is entirely ready to meet those needs. Before changes were made, Rose Lake had dirt paths leading to targets making it difficult for disabled citizens to have the full experience they would expect when shooting their firearms while at a tax-funded range.

Shooters are now back enjoying the new scenery and the new features the park has to offer. With handrails and cement walkways set in place the Rose Lake Shooting Range is back in business.

The free park is home to many loyal shooters who enjoy taking time out of their day to practice their aim down range, but some aren’t exactly happy with the amount of time it took to get the job done.

“I’m not the only one that’s upset,” said Mitch Sting, 61, who said he goes to the range two to three times a week. “I enjoy the range; I don’t enjoy what happened,” Sting said.

“It didn’t affect my shooting, it just affected my lifestyle,” said Sting.

Sting was upset that the park took so long to reopen for rifle and handgun shooters. Sting said when the park wasn’t open he would “sit around home twiddling my thumbs.”

Brandon Meadows, 24, an Indiana resident living near Notre Dame who has been going to Rose Lake almost every weekend for two years he said, “It seemed to be a lot better.” When asked about the park being closed Meadows said, “It’s disappointing, it’s my weekend fun.”

Meadows said that during the time period that the range was closed, he was able to find an indoor shooting range in Indiana, but prefers coming out to Rose Lake. “I would definitely recommend it, they take safety in mind when it comes to firearms,” said Meadows.

With all of the improvements made and the park reopened to the public for rifles and handguns, the public is happy about the changes made. “It’s a lot more strict as far as safety rules,” Meadows said.

Sting said he is also happy with the way the park is now operated, “If they keep going the way they are, they’re pretty decent.”

Rose Lake Shooting Range has since met the requirements for the new ADA regulations stand by what the Michigan Department of Natural Resources brochure states, “REMEMBER: Range safety is everyone’s job!”

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