Williamston Schools Foundation Adds Two New Trustees

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By Sean Gagnier
The Williamston Post Staff Writer

The Williamston Schools Foundation has named two new trustees to its executive board. Both Jennifer Dewane and Melissa Smith are mothers of students in the Williamston School district and their addition is expected to bring new energy to the board.

“Both are successful professional women with the skills and talents that status implies,” said Jeanne Van Wieren, of the Williamston Schools Foundation. “Also, both are mothers of Williamston school students, so their connection to the school district is very strong.”

The goal of the schools foundation is to gather funds for the district from private individuals and dispense them across the schools in order to benefit teachers and students at each school. Funds raised will help teachers with programs designed to get students active and involved in school as well as for the purchasing of any necessary equipment for school usage.

Funds from the Williamston Schools Foundation went to help geocaching efforts at Explorer Elementary as well as to bring in a resident artist.

This year the Williamston Schools Foundation funded multiple projects across many Williamston schools including; a new kiln for the art program at the Williamston Middle School, geocaching tools for Explorer Elementary students and robotics at the elementary and high school levels. Funding also went to bring in a resident artist to help teachers at Explorer and Discovery Elementary Schools to use the arts as teaching tools.

The Williamston Schools Foundation raises about $40,000 annually from their two primary fundraisers, the Education Wins! Raffle and the Williamston Schools Foundation Golf Outing. This year the raffle will take place a month earlier, meaning anyone seeking to enter should contact the Williamston Schools Foundation soon.

Education Wins! Raffle Chair Tom Tuggle stressed the importance of the raffle to the school district and to the community in a statement released by the Williamston Schools Foundation.

“The on-going generosity of area residents and our sponsors, make it possible for the Williamston Schools Foundation raise the almost $40,000 it awards to the Williamston Community Schools every year,” Tuggle said.  “(Residents) support helps us make the great ideas from our teachers become reality. You can do a good deed AND just might win a little extra green for yourself. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.”

With the addition of Smith and Dewane the Williamston Schools Foundation members hope to make a commitment to raising funds to pay for enhancements to the Williamston Community School’s curriculum. This includes a strong network within the community, excellent people skills and an interest in education.

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  1. I thought your article was very informative and I liked that you hyperlinked some of the text. Also, I thought it was cool that you can embed documents and forms right into the story without people having to go somewhere else to download it. I’ve never seen this before!