Transitional Housing

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With two of the largest freshman dorms on campus under construction and out of commission, some Michigan State freshmen have been forced to live with three people instead of the usual two.  Despite the fact that students were told about the situation prior to coming to campus, many believe that the university could have taken a different approach.

The majority of transitional housing rooms are located in West circle which are some of the smallest rooms on campus, also none of the larger corner rooms are home to any extra people.  The three person rooms are equipped with the same amount of furniture as two person rooms, meaning some students do not have their own dresser or even their own desk.

In past years there has been only a handful of transitional housing rooms and for the 2011-2012 school year there is over 300.  The cramped rooming situation comes at a time when MSU’s freshmen class is the biggest it’s ever been and having both Rather and Bailey halls undergoing renovations has made it tough on the housing department. The housing department and the department of admission worked together while finding a solution.

Following the renovation Rather and Bailey will have contemporary styled common rooms, bathrooms, offices and recycling facilities.  Both halls will be re-open and once again housing students in time for the fall 2012 semester.

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