The Volunteer Deal with Meals on Wheels

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A can of soup makes a simple meal for many, but even concocting this simple dish is an impossible task for many Greater Lansing Area residents. Because of medical or financial restrictions, more than 940 local people are left with no choice but to turn to the Tri-County Office on Aging’s Meals on Wheels for their needed nutrition. Those in need of assistance in southern Lansing however, are more in need than ever before.

“Starting in the summertime we had so many assessments to do; so many new people to be put on routes that right now in south Lansing, all of the routes are full,” Director of Lansing’s Meals on Wheels Ruth Pell explained.

12-year Meals on Wheels Veteran Bob Mackinnon urges the public to lend a hand to a job that to him, does not feel like much like a job: “If you’re looking for a place to gain real satisfaction, with an embarrassingly low level of effort on your part, this is the place.”

Contact Ruth Pell at (517) 887-1460 if you can donate even an hour a month of your time to the cause.

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