‘Son of Delhi’ announces retirement from board

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By Josh Sidorowicz
Holt Journal staff writer

After serving the Holt-Delhi Township community as treasurer for 12 years, Harry Ammon has decided it’s the right time to step down. Ammon, who has called Holt, Mich., home his entire life, has served on the Delhi Township board since 1999 and recently announced his retirement at the Sept. 20 township board meeting.

“What you see is what’s there; He wasn’t there for the politics, he was there for the people.”

After cutting his own position to part-time and his own salary last year for budgetary reasons, Ammon said he knew he would be getting ready to retire soon.

“I’ve got a lot of things on my slate that I want to get done and now I’ll be able to do that now that I’m still healthy enough to do it,” Ammon said. “I have no reservations, other than that I won’t be able to be a part of it all anymore.”

Ammon’s commitment to Holt stems from his roots in the community that span an entire lifetime.  We keep talking about lifelong roots. Let’s put his age in here. Before his tenure as Delhi Township treasurer, Ammon served as a trustee on the board for seven years from 1977 to 1984.

“It was a real pleasure and a joy just because I knew so many people here and lived here so long and it just felt like I was giving back,” he said. “I just liked being involved in the things happening in the township and (being able) to serve the customers, which are the residents.”

In one word, Delhi Township Supervisor Stuart Goodrich would describe Ammon as genuine.

“What you see is what’s there,” Goodrich said. “He wasn’t there for the politics, he was there for the people.”

Goodrich said Ammon’s presence on the board and involvement in the community provided stability for the citizens.

“He has never lived any other place; he just is Delhi,” he said.

Delhi Township Manager John Elsinga has been working by Ammon’s side since his early days as a trustee during the 1970s. Elsinga said Ammon represented what is lacking in many of today’s elected officials and that he always believed in putting the community first.

“He knew his community as a neighbor, a trustee and a treasuer,” Elsinga said. “All decision-making was based on what was best for the community; he was never in it for personal gain.”Elsinga said he credits the close relationship between the Holt-area schools and the township itself to Ammon’s initiatives while in office.

“He made sure the township parks and recreation programs and the schools could work together to best serve their community with joint resources,” Elsinga said. “It was a perfect example of collaboration.”

Elsinga said what he will remember most about Ammon’s time in office is his consistency and his efforts to always treat others equally.

“I could count on Harry, as we navigated through some difficult decision makings, that once he understood all the pro’s and con’s, he would always do the right thing,” Elsinga said.

“He is the pride of Holt, truly an outstanding son of Delhi.”

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