Saginaw Construction

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For some local Lansing businesses this past summer was not as profitable as many were hoping. Not because of a lack of interest from customers but because of summer long road construction spanning from early April all the way through October.  It was the city’s goal to have Saginaw street and the surrounding highways resurfaced by early September.  The plan for the project consisted of breaking the road down into smaller sections so the entire street was not blocked off at once. However, for those businesses on the southern side of Saginaw the chunks were too large and one-way traffic plagued their income for the majority of the summer.

Thrifty Children’s Store owner Melinda Schaff said the construction company had been working on the stretch of road directly in front of her store for an extended period of time. She lives down the road and the construction in that area was finished quickly but many days passed outside her store where no workers were present. After calling the city to ask about the delay she was told it would be finished any day. Three weeks later and the project was still not complete.

The owners of The Udder Creamery also faced hardship as a result of the same construction. As an ice cream shop, summer income is necessary to pay the rent during the winter months and the creamery only brought in about the amount needed for rent, no profit.

The construction is now scheduled to be finished by sometime in October but store owners say they will believe it when they see it.

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