Old Town Organization Committee Meeting to Discuss Sponsors and Popcorn Tins that Raise Money for Old Town

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The Old Town Organization Committee met for a regular meeting on Monday, Sep. 26 at 5 p.m. in the Old Town Commercial Association office in Old Town.

The committee is volunteer based and usually meets on the third Thursday of every month to discuss various things involving the town, said Brittney Hoszkiw, the executive director.  The OTCA is a membership organization that provides services to businesses that pay dues, she said.  Hoszkiw ran the meeting.

The committee discussed making a popcorn bin from the store Cravings Gourmet Popcorn, located in Old Town.  Hoszkiw said the popcorn tin was an idea from Chad Jordan, the owner of the popcorn shop, to help raise money for the Old Town Commercial Association.

“The tin is a typical popcorn tin filled with Cravings popcorn and Old Town goodies,” said Hoszkiw. “We are hoping to have them in stores in Old Town for the holidays.”

Hoszkiw then brought up sponsors, which is volunteer Shannon Rolley’s responsibility.

Hoszkiw said that because the committee hosts so many events, they have general sponsors for the town but they get visibility at different events depending on the demographic they are trying to target.

“Part of the committee’s responsibility is to find sponsors for our fundraising festivals and events to help cover the upfront costs of the festivals (tents, licenses, entertainment, etc.) so that all the money raised during the actual event can go towards the cause,” said Rolley. “Each year we review our sponsorship levels and offerings and put together a packet of information to send out to prospective sponsor organizations so they can see what type of investment they could make and what the return would be,” she said.

The committee then discussed Octoberfest, which is held in Old Town on Oct. 16 and 17.

“Old Town Oktoberfest is organized by a sub committee of the Promotions Committee,” said Hoszkiw.  “They meet every other week from July until October and are involved in all aspects of event planning.  The Organization has little to do with Oktoberfest other than helping us spread the word.”

They also described what the committee called, the charitable giving campaign.

“Currently the OTCA has about 100 members,” said Hoszkiw.  “A majority of them are businesses that support the OTCA and utilize some of the member services.  However, after discussing our fundraising strategy, we realized that there are a whole segment of individuals, including students, that would support Old Town and show their pride through a donation.  The materials being designed for the charitable giving campaign will speak directly to individuals that love Old Town and want to support.”

To find out more information about the membership program on our website www.iloveoldtown.org under become a member.



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