Mason Assembly of God aids local families in need

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By Hillary Jordan
Mason Times staff writer

This past Sunday, members of the Mason Assembly of God (Mason AG) Church gathered to celebrate Halloween by giving back to fellow community members during their annual Harvest Blessing.

This year, the assembly was fortunate enough to have access to donated food supplies, which were happily passed on to community members in need. The festival ran from 3-5 p.m., with various families coming to pick up free groceries while church members and their children showed off their costumes and played games for candy prizes. Some children even volunteered to partake in the grocery donation process.

Pastor Darin Loruss and his wife, Wendy.

“You just pull up around back. We’ve been giving out around twenty bags a person,” said 12-year-old Brandon Bartlett as he continued to direct traffic in the church lot.

According to some volunteers, Mason AG received about 1,000 bags of groceries. Half owere given to the local food bank, and the rest were donated to community members.

The donation process is quite simple. Any community member in need qualifies to receive free groceries.

Lead Pastor Darin Loruss explained, “It’s a gift to the community so they can go ahead and if someone needs it, they don’t have to have any kind of card or anything.”

Community members are not required to be a member of the church to receive grocery donations.

Volunteers retrieved grocery bags from this trailer and put them out for pickup.

“In fact, I would say one hundred percent of what has been given away has not been to members of the church, just people in the community,” Loruss said.

The food came from the Convoy of Hope organization, which strives to feed those in need as well as provide community outreaches to its recipients.

Todd Richardson, a member of the Mason AG, has worked with the Brighton Assembly for several years. As a result, he is very knowledgeable about services provided by the Convoy of Hope organization.

“They were first on the scene of (Hurricane) Katrina. They help all over the world, with different disasters. What it is, is an all-day — typically, two-day — event where they invite the poor and the indigent in and not only to they get food, they also get to meet with community leaders,” Richardson said.

The Convoy of Hope provides a variety of services, the most important being complimentary health care and food. Because of the Mason Assembly’s involvement with this organization, church members were able to provide groceries for local families.

The Mason Assembly of God church is located at 425 E. South St. They are always welcoming new members who are interested in spiritual growth and community outreach. There is a Worship Celebration Service every Sunday at 10 a.m. that the public can attend to learn more.

For a full event calendar and detailed description of what the Mason Assembly of God is all about, visit their website.

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  1. Great informative article. This gives plenty of information behind the benefit with personal input from the community and provides good pictures. Good job linking back to their website and it was very timely of you to post this on Halloween. Good work hj.