Izzone Campout Cancellation

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Thousands of Michigan State students gather on Munn Field for the Izzone Campout every fall. For many students, it’s their only opportunity to mingle with the MSU coaches and basketball team before the start of the season.

But that opportunity never came this year. The 2011 Izzone Campout was cancelled due to weather and field conditions.

“If it had just been raining, we would’ve had it,” Vice President of Sports Operations Brian Nekic said. “If it had just been windy, we would’ve had it. If it had just been cold, we would’ve had it. But all three of them put together…it’s really unhealthy to be camping outside in 36-degree weather with a downpour and 40 MPH winds.”

Many students were happy they didn’t have to camp in the severe weather, but were upset they didn’t have a chance to meet head coach Tom Izzo and his basketball team.

The campout will not be rescheduled, but the Student Alumni Foundation is scheduling an alternative event for October 25th. Details for the event haven’t been released, but it will have the same interaction component between the students and basketball team.

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