Grand Ledge to Join Narcotics Team

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GLPD officer joining Tri-County Metro Narcotics Squad for first time in history.

By Frank Sorise
Grand Ledge Gazette Staff Writer

A Grand Ledge Police Officer is to join the Tri-County Metro Narcotics Squad, previously included only officers from the by Michigan State Police, Clinton and Ingham County, and Lansing and East Lansing Police Officers. After the squad lost its Eaton County representative earlier this year, legislation was passed to obtain an officer from Grand Ledge.

“If we can help in the short term, we are happy to do it,” said Chief of Police Martin Underhill. “We are going to reap a lot of benefits.”

The Grand Ledge Police Department plans on replacing the officers joining the narcotics squad with a part-time officer. The pay and benefits of this officer, could be up to $30,000 and will be reimbursed by the narcotics squad.

The Grand Ledge Police Department released a statement commenting on the situation saying that “This will be a win-win in that we will get better representation for our department and have an officer with broader experience when he returns and they will have an officer that they may not have had otherwise.”

Dangers of popular drugs chart via

Lieutenant B.J. Roach agreed saying that it would be beneficial for the GLPD to have an officer with that kind of experience on Grand Ledge’s staff because drugs are not grown or manufactured in Grand Ledge, only sold. So finding how the drugs get to Grand Ledge will be a useful asset in the city’s investigations.

Residents like Robert Doty also like that their police department is getting more exposure, “I think its a great idea, good for the officer and good for Grand Ledge.”

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  1. I found your article informative. I really like the graph because it allowed me more depth into the article. The overall structure was good and the quotes were as well, maybe one more source would have made it a little better though.