Grand Ledge Schools Could See Budget Increase

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An unexpected increase in students could lead to millions toward the school budget.

By Frank Sorise
Grand Ledge Gazette Staff Writer

Grand Ledge Public High School

Grand Ledge Public Schools experienced an attendance increase this year of 81 students, the hope is that this increase will increase the schools’ budget. This attendance increase was unanticipated as Grand Ledge Public Schooling projected a loss in students.

“Grand Ledge Public Schools saw a boost in enrollment from last year’s 5,044 to 5,125,” said Superintendent Brian Metcalf. “The district had projected a decline of nearly 100 students, so it could see a state aid boost near $1.3 million.”

Teachers believe their dedication to education is a major factor in the increase in students. “The teachers are doing an excellent job. They are helping maintain and improve the reputation of Grand Ledge Public Schools. They are attracting more students to the district,” said Grand Ledge resident and teacher John Ellsworth.


Ellsworth hopes the state keeps the teachers in mind when discussing a new labor deal. “I hope the state realizes that teachers are why students are coming here.” Ellsworth said. “It’s not because of a new superintendent, not because they crammed too many elementary school students into a building designed for middle school students. They come for a good all-around education, and the teachers provide that, many serving as athletic coaches and extracurricular advisers. These enrollment numbers mean the district can afford to pay what they promised to pay.”

“Teaching is a profession where unfortunately some of our best and brightest kids ignore when it comes to career choices.” said Grand Ledge resident and General Motors employee, Don Willems. “Also, when it comes to making a choice on where you want to live and raise your family the education system is a major factor in that decision.”


2 thoughts on “Grand Ledge Schools Could See Budget Increase

  1. It’s nice to see a story with positive news about school budgets, rather than the typical story about budgets being cut. I also like the inclusion of links and the graphic to illustrate numbers.

  2. Good coverage, you gave all the facts while also tying in a humanizing aspect. I liked the focus on teachers because they deserve more praise than they get and this budget money would benefit them. I would have liked to see another variable on the graph…maybe compare the enrollment of this year and the new projected one?