Grand Ledge Community Concerned About Upcoming Road Construction

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by Frank Sorise
Grand Ledge Gazette Staff Writr

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) announced plans for construction on highway M-100 through Grand Ledge this upcoming Spring. With exit 93 into Grand Ledge already closed, many members of the community expressed concerns about future road closures and detours at a meeting at City Hall.

Mary Price, a Grand Ledge resident for 34 years, said that going down from four lanes to three lanes was her biggest concern.   “We don’t think it’s necessary at all, and the city does not seem to want to address it. They just want to let MDOT take the heat.”

Price fears that removing the fourth lane will result in heavy traffic, with vehicles taking side roads to avoid traffic.

Resident Pam Voltattorni worries about pulling in and out of her own driveway. “A lot of people in these streets have boats, motor homes and travel trailers that back
out into that traffic,” she said.

“These kinds of complaints are pretty common,” said Grand Ledge Mayor Kalmin Smith, “because when people come to a meeting like this, they don’t have much experience.  They come with a lot of fears, like, can I get into my own house?  If they replace driveways and sidewalks, who’s going to pay for that? These kind of things are natural questions that are going to come up.”

Construction is not new in the area.  According to Grand Ledge resident Andrea Stolicker Watters, “Construction [is a] big part of living in Michigan. [There are] two seasons in Michigan: Winter and ‘Orange Cone.’”

The plan is for construction to begin late spring after school is out and be completed before school is back in session in the fall.

“We’ll have it completed in one construction season,” assured MDOT Communications
Coordinator Kari Arend.

Mayor Smith remains positive about the upcoming road work.

“My experience is, you get some gripes during the project, but once it’s done people are very happy.  It’s almost always the way it works,” said Smith.

See where construction is going to take place here.

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