Go Green, Wear Pink!

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October is national breast cancer awareness month and it just so happens to fall during football season.  Michigan State University and the University of Michigan are using this coincidence to their advantage as they try to raise funds to support the mid-Michigan chapter of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

During the week of the big game between the two rival schools student groups on both campuses will be selling shirts that say either Go Green, Wear Pink! or Go Blue, Wear Pink! Combined the schools hope to raise $80,000 to be donated.  The winner of the competition is the school that sells the most shirts.

UofM has been involved in this campaign for a number of years and this is MSU’s first year of involvement. Spartans for a Cure, a student run breast cancer organization was in charge of selling the shirts at various locations around campus. Along with the shirts, games and raffle prizes will be awarded for smaller donations.

As of game time on Saturday Michigan State students had raised over $23,000 dollars and are awaiting the final total from UofM before the winner will be declared later this week.

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