Farmer's market brings variety, unique products to Holt

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By Mo Hnatiuk
Holt Journal staff writer

HOLT — “When I asked 10 people what they looked for in a farmer’s market, I got ten different answers,” Chuck Grinnell, market manager of the Holt Farmer’s Market, said.

When Grinnell was first asked to put together the farmer’s market in Holt, Mich. three and a half years ago, he wanted to create something unlike the cookie-cutter markets that are wide-spread across Mid-Michigan.

“I don’t want to say we do it better, because every farmer’s market has their own personal attraction, but we are a rural, farm market.” Grinnell said. “Plus, we’re one of the only indoor farmer’s market in the state.”

The Holt Farmer’s Market hosts local venders who sell a wide-variety of products such as free-range meat, baked goods, fresh produce and home-made cosmetics.

Venders at The Holt Farmer’s Market say they work every season to offer the very best to the market’s visitors.

Russell Rowe, a farmer who lives just west of Mason, Mich. has spent the past 55 years bringing fresh produce to life. Since the market’s first opening, Rowe has contributed to sharing his gifts to the community. His typical array of vegetables includes peppers, cabbage, squash and tomatoes.

“Our vegetables are healthy for you. Sure, you can buy a lot of [name brand] tomatoes for cheap, but they don’t taste as good,” Rowe said. “Everything here was grown on our farm and not many markets can tell you that!”

For the avid visitor looking for something off the beaten path, The Holt Farmer’s Market hosts the Soap Sisters, LLC, who bring whole-press soaps, cleansers, deodorants,  lotions and lip balm to sell.

The sisters, Sandra Siemon, and Leslie Kocsis began experimenting with home-made cosmetics three years ago when Sandra was diagnosed with cancer.

“Because of radiation treatments, patients aren’t able to use many products due to the chemicals inside them, so we just decided to make our own,” Siemon said.

The pair tests their products on themselves first, and stand by their belief that the products they offer will satisfy every customer.

The Holt Farmer’s Market is located at 2150 Cedar St. in Holt, Mich. and promotes health and nutrition along with a good time.

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