New Tim Hortons brings concern

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Location where new Tim Hortons may be built

By Teri Wilcox
Meridian Times staff writer

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP — There is a possibility that a Tim Horton’s restaurant will be built at Hagadorn and Lake Lansing roads.

Not only is there a possibility for a Tim Horton’s restaurant with a drive through but it will also be a gas station and a convenience store.

On Tuesday, Oct. 4 there was an appeal for Planning Commission approval of a special-use permit for the restaurant and concerns were expressed about the site.

Some township board members agreed that the restaurant would be a good replacement for the gas station that is there now.

They were also in agreement that it would be good to have a diesel pump.

The problem was that the site may not be big enough to handle the traffic that the store could attract.

The fact that there are three functions on that site could increase the amount of people that will visit the site on a daily basis was one of the problems that board members brought up.

“The biggest problem with the project is that with a drive thru coffee shop, convenience store and gas station, the traffic to the site doubles,” Supervisor Susan McGillicuddy, said.

Board members say that there is a possibility for car accidents because of that.

“The Township Board desires to ensure a new development doesn’t substantial impact traffic safety on the corner,” said Chief David Hall.

Safety for children walking to and from school was also a concern of the board members and the community.

The board expressed at the meeting that there was a letter written expressing the concern of safety for children.

“No matter how the site is developed, the monitoring of public and pedestrians must be vigilant,” said Chief Hall.

The Township Board desires to promote reasonable development, especially when it means development within existing vacant buildings Chief Hall said.

If the concerns are addressed, then there is a possibility that there will be a Tim Horton’s on that corner.

3 thoughts on “New Tim Hortons brings concern

  1. Up here in Canada, Tim Horton’s is a tradition and we like the locations to be convenient: we pretty much love’em. Hoping you get a Tim’s soon and experience the delights of a double-double and a honey glazed. On traffic, agree with your concerns as pedestrians and safety are important. Hope you find positive outcomes.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this story because it deals with a local location that we pass everyday and wonder what’s going on? Good coverage and representation of the different aspects of the story!

  3. Good story, it definitely shows the concerns citizens have about possible problems with the Tim Horton’s, and I liked the picture. Your lead was buried in the story, however, and a couple links would help give readers some more information.