Boats, Skate Parks & Monkey Bars, Oh My!

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By Omar Powell                                                                                                                           Grand Ledge Gazette Writer

The city of Grand Ledge is currently its first year of a five-year plan to improve the area’s parks & recreational activities. The plan is estimated to cost a total of $229,948.

The five year plan includes the construction, reconstruction, development or upgrade of at least 10 facilities or programs in the Grand Ledge area, ranging from estimated costs of $10,000-$322,000.

City Administrator Jon Bayless said the plan would benefit “Delta Township, Clinton County, Eagle Township, Eaton County, United Township and that would be primarily it. And of course the city of Grand Ledge, partially in Clinton and Eaton County.”

“We hope it’s driven by the community and not just a city administration. We try to make sure every voice is heard. And give every opportunity for voices to be heard,” said Vanessa Warren, ASLA Wilcox Professional Services, LLC.

Funding is to be provided through various methods and departments including, general funds, private donations/fundraising, community development block grant funds, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment and MI Department of Natural Resources Trust Fund.

Warren stated that a “five-year park and recreation plan is mandatory when seeking grants through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.”

According to the revenue/expenditure report, the annual cost of maintenance would be $139,814.00

“The parks and recreational programs are popular programs. It makes the city attractive to residents, and helps maintain property values, quality of life things that make a community nice. It’s part of the mix, there many things that make a community nice,” said Bayless.

Projects funded through grants with the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund include the addition of spectator seating at Fitzgerald Park and the new boat launch for Jaycee Park.

“Hopefully we get the grant for the boat launch starting next year,” said Hummel.

The city of Grand Ledge is to contribute $230,879 to the Parks & Recreation plan.

“Communities are either moving ahead and getting nicer or moving downhill and getting worst,” Bayless said.“That’s what people pay their taxes for, they want to see good government. What is it? Good public safety, streets, parks, police and fireman dept. Things such as parks, good water system, low crime, all of that goes together to make the town a nice place to live.”

For more information on the parks & recreation plan click here.

One thought on “Boats, Skate Parks & Monkey Bars, Oh My!

  1. This was a great article that went in-depth to show how much money is being spent on the city. The only inconsistency I saw was the difference between “5-year” and “5 year”. Other than that, I thought this was good to show the community what is being done with a tremendous amount of money, good work!