Bath police statistics problems being resolved

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By Lynne Werner
Bath-DeWitt Connection staff writer

BATH, Mich. — Problems with the Bath Police Department’s statistical data seem to have been resolved, said Police Chief Scott Rose at the Police and Fire Board meeting on Oct. 12.  The department has been having trouble with accurate reports for nearly a year.The problem originated in Central Dispatch, who takes 911 calls, because the dispatchers are capable of running the statistics in different ways.  Chief Rose said that since statistics can be run to show all traffic stops in Bath Township versus stops made by the township’s police officers, the statistics would not be the same “because the State Police and the Sheriff’s office can make stops in Bath Township.”

Central Dispatch has begun using a new format, and the software vendor the office uses, OSSI, stated that the reports should from here on out should be accurate as long as this format is used consistently.  The statistics for the last month, which numbered 1,179 calls, should be accurate.

Rose also said the number of calls is probably down, although is appears that the number of thefts has gone up in the last six months.  The department is keeping busy though, because the more time-consuming calls, like domestic calls, have increased.

Also discussed at the meeting, the Bath Fire Department had a total of 516 rescues as of the 12th, which is down from 521 the same time last year.  The fire department is also having an extrication training day on Oct. 29, and will also be having the annual Truck or Treat for the schools on Oct. 24.  It will take place in the elementary school parking lot in good weather, and will be held at the middle school if it rains.

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