Mason hosts final community visioning workshop

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Mason City Hall, located at 201 W. Ash St., is where the community visioning workshops are held.

By Kate Vogel
Mason Times staff writer 

The City of Mason will host the third and final public community visioning workshop on Thursday, Sept. 29 at Mason City Hall from 6:30-8 p.m. The workshops, coordinated by the Mason Planning Commission and the Mason Zoning and Development Department, were created to allow residents and businesses voice their opinion about the future of the city.

“The ultimate goal of the workshops is to get a policy and a plan that reflects the community’s concerns and desires,” said David Haywood, director of the Zoning and Development Department.

The workshops were announced in an Aug. 9, 2011, press release from the City of Mason stating that the workshops “will focus on positive and negative aspects of the community, challenges and priority areas, and visions for neighborhoods and the city at large.”

These workshops are designed to refocus and redefine the city’s grand scheme known as the Master Plan developed by Mason city officials.

The Master Plan, as described on the City of Mason’s website, is “a policy document that identifies how growth and associated land development should be guided to enhance the future welfare of Mason.”

Marco Broggio, the executive director of the Downtown Development Authority said, “When you are working with tax dollars, you have to be real specific as to how to use them and the Master Plan shows when and where the money is allocated.”

Haywood expressed that the previous meetings, held on Sept. 12 and Sept. 20, provided helpful input that the city can use towards reworking the Master Plan.

The workshops are run as a discussion forum, following an agenda created by the Zoning and Development Department.

Haywood said, “There are three categories that we ask input from: what assets do we need to protect, what issues do we need to address and what’s your vision of Mason in 20-25 years. During the discussion, we take notes and then at the end we rank them in priority.”

The final Community Visioning workshop is on September 29, at Mason City Hall located at 201 W. Ash St. For those unable to attend the public workshops, the City of Mason has posted an online questionnaire on the city’s website.

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