We love Lugnuts!

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By Antonice Strickland
Lansing Star staff writer

The Lansing Lugnuts baseball games have become a family pastime and tradition for many of Lansing residents. From taking photos with the Lugnuts mascot the “Big Lug” to themed days of the week such as Thirsty Thursday! Since its inception in 1889, the Lugnuts have become more than a minor league baseball team but entertainment for any occasion.

When speaking with fans, some were able to remember their first time attending a Lugnuts game. A 13-year old boy could explain his whole game saying that the Lugnuts won on a walk off home-run! He said that he was only two when he first came but still remembers the fireworks at the end of the game. A few of the kids we talked to have been to Lugnuts games every year of their lives.

There was also a nice, older couple that had been married for 47 years. They still have fun with each other at the Lugnuts games and said they have been coming for years. I watched kids run towards the Big Lug for pictures and to give him hugs.

The Cooley Law School Stadium is great for events, and specials for everyone to enjoy. There were inflatable slides and bouncers for the kid’s enjoyment during the game as well. For the older crowd they have the $1.00 Tuesdays, and Thirsty Thursdays. They host tailgates for the fan with a variety of barbecued food like hot dogs, bratwursts, burgers, and chicken.

The fans of the Lugnuts truly show love for their team and the game no matter who they play.

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