Superintendent T.C. Wallace to resign

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By Devyne Lloyd
Lansing Star staff writer

Despite having another year on his contract, Lansing school district Superintendent T.C. Wallace will be resigning in 2012 after the school year finishes out. Although the board was supposed to discuss restoring cabinet pay cuts, they instead approved amendments to Wallace’s contract during a meeting on August 4.

Currently, many parents, students, staff, faculty and board members are less than pleased with Wallace’s performance during his duration as Superintendent. Board member Amy Hodgins called for Wallace to resign after he dismissed the idea of closing schools for laying off staff in order to balance the budget. Other board members were upset at his refusal to call in an emergency financial manager in order to pull the district out of its large deficit, hovering somewhere around $12 million.

This has not been the first time the board has called for Wallace’s resignation. In 2009, the board pulled together a meeting to push Wallace out but was unsuccessful, as Wallace did not attend the meeting.

Wallace was evaluated by the board on June 27 and July 25 and the results were summarized by vice president Charles Ford. Although he received many “satisfactory” marks, the board was quick to point out areas they felt needed improvement, such as more communication with parents.

The original contract was set for five years, but Wallace says he only intended to do four.  “When I came to Lansing I made a commitment of four years,” he said. He was a school Superintendent for a total of 25 years

His contract was changed by the board to allow him to seek other employment. The clause was placed in his contract in 2009, after he applied to be the superintendent of the Pontiac school district while still under contract with Lansing.

Wallace says he wants to focus on the budget and academic achievement during his last school year. The first day of class is slated for September 6.

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