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By Daniele Owens
Entirely East Lansing staff writer

A local event on Michigan State University campus will bring all Spartans together with an evening of festivities.

Sparticipation is student involvement fair where student organizations, living unit groups, and major governing groups meet new and returning students to inform them about their organization’s purpose and events. It’s an opportunity to recruit new members, while displaying literature, awards, and highlights of the organization.

It will take place in August 20 on Munn Field from 5:00pm – 8:30pm.

There are more than 650 organizations at Michigan State University. This will include Voice Magazine, The Knit Club and the MSU Dance Marathon.

“I know it the biggest resource fair that MSU puts together and it is he first thing most freshmen attend, so I just love being apart of someone first college experience,” said Antoince Strickland, the editor-in-chief of Voice Magazine.

“We are here to educate, enlighten and entertain campus of MSU and reach out and tell the stories that other publications may not deem “as important”. We are here for the cultural community of MSU.”

This will be Voice Magazines’ second year participating in this event. And since participating, the student group have had an increase in its members.

“We finally have a full board and people emailing us to become writers! I am very excited and happy that people want to help this magazines’ progress,” said Stickland.

She said that she encourages people to come out and learn about their group.

University Activities Board will also be participating in Sparticipation this year.

“We are going to set up tables, bring our display boards and have brochures on hand,” said Cathy Fitzpatrick, assistant manager in the UAB office.

“Our UAB directors are all undergraduate students and they will have the opportunity to have programs and plan events for the MSU community. At this event, they will have the opportunity to meet the students and persuade them to join.”

Fitzpatrick added that this event has been a promotion for the organization and stated that though it hasn’t helped to increase UAB members, it has increased attendance to UAB’s events.

“You get 10,000 to 12,000 students in any particular area, they interact with each other and people who have been around for a while,” said Fred Watson, coordinator of Sparticipation.

“It will be a fun atmosphere with fireworks, food, the organization, free giveaways, and students and staff.”

This event, coordinated by the Department of Student Life at MSU has been going on for more than 20 years. What once started as a small get together in the MSU Auditorium has turned into a huge gala that will continue to welcome Spartans for years and years to come.

Munn Field

MSU Sparticipation by fentonmsu

Sparticipation ’10 by jwjustread

SlideShow (Pictures courtesy of Voice Magazine, State News and SpartyLANParty)



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