Meridian Township Farmer's Market 2011 Information

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With interviews, taste samples, photos, video, newscasts and more, I will bring the Meridian Township Farmer’s Market experience to interested viewers and readers this upcoming week,

I would highly recommend families, senior citizens, single or married people of all ages check out the Meridian Township Farmer’s Market at least once this summer. After all, until October there are two days a week, one can attend this market. Wednesday’s and Saturday’s from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. There are numerous vendor’s one could check out. There is good and healthy food for every man, women and child.

 Vendors must follow 29 rules in a four-page document; these rules are clearly stated so violations should be minimal. There are four recipes listed on the link to the farmer’s market page on the meridian township website. Three of the four sound delicious to me.  These are recipes for asparagus, rhubarb, spinach and strawberries. I will pass on the spinach; with apologies, to Popeye the Sailor.

A final word of advice to patrons and attendees at this market, parking is difficult. So patience is a virtue especially around lunchtime. So be prepared to wait and circle the parking lot at the 5151 Marsh Road Municipal Center.

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