Lansing family fun day, not so fun

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By Teresa Gebhardt
Lansing Star staff writer

Lansing Family Fun Day, an annual event held at Sleepy Hollow Park Michigan, aims to interact Lansing youth with wild life, while promoting positivity and excitement in the community. The event was held this past Saturday but because of the weather some activities were unfortunately rained out but we were able to get plenty of information from Gloria Lewis, who is the parks and recreation coordinator for the city of Lansing.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Foster Community Center have sponsored the Family Fun Day for the past three years. Their goal is to provide Lansing with new ways of entertainment, that involve nature and keeping in touch with the environment. Though their efforts to attract Lansing’s families looked promising, Mother Nature thwarted their efforts.

Twenty-three families registered to attend the event, however only the Hopeful Hendy Family showed up. In this time where the economy is suffering, these free activities that encourage children to find out doors remind people it is the little things in life that bring joy.

“We came out here last year and they had fishing poles for us to fish in the lake, and they took us on a long hike our kids loved, it really is nice of them to offer this for free” Said Greg Hendy.

Department of Natural Resources teamed up with Foster Community Center and put together this itinerary

The beach and swimming areas were closed off due to liability issues concerning the families and their safety and the daily activities involving the lake were put on hold.


We got a chance to speak to one of the Rangers, Stephanie Hennigan who, through the dismal weather, seemed optimistic about next year’s turn out. She said  “families were expecting a tour from her and the butterfly discovery program where she herself would personally take the guests on a hike and explore the ecosystem of the area. “last week we had at least 40 people come out for the night hike, its too bad the kids didn’t get to get the full experience” Said Hennigan.


Families can register online at or at the Foster Community Center Located at 200 N Foster Ave. Lansing MI 48912 or by calling (517) 483-2333.


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