Fun Times at the Fair Grounds!

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The Ingham County Fair Grounds this Saturday offered a variety of fun activities for all ages including rides, fun games, animals, music and good food.

Some of the main attractions among the rides included a high-flying contraption called, “The Tilt” and a speedy mini coaster called, “Gravitron”. There was also a Farris wheel and a merry-go-round for those who desired a slower pace.

The Tilt


Those interested in playing to win a prize could play a wide array of games where they could throw a ball into glass bowls or darts at inflated balloons to win anything from stuffed animals to live gold fish.

There was also a petting zoo full of baby lamas, goats and chickens that people could feed as well as horse back riding.  People also had the opportunity to get up close and personal with some colorful and exotic birds.

petting zoo for the birds

horseback riding

A Jacob Sheep

Other highlights included a multi-cultural event that featured Latin, African, Indian, folk and country music performances.

A multi-cultural performance

Performers from the multi-cultural event

Nothing beats good fair food; fair goers enjoyed all the tastiest treats like delicious elephant ears, cotton candy, chocolate dipped apples, corn dogs and sautéed and spiced meats on homemade buns.

homemade buns

An apple covered elephant ear (YUM)

steak and other sizzling meats

2 thoughts on “Fun Times at the Fair Grounds!

  1. Ingham County Fair Grounds was a blast this year! Dude, it’s all about the people and the food… especially the hot dogs and cotton candy, and that’s why people can’t wait to come back year after year. Thanks for sharing these pictures as they bring back good memories!

  2. This was fun and the food was good too! Loved hot dogs and the foot long corn dogs. The weather was ok, but hopefully next year, more food vendors will offer hotdogs as the lines were a bit longer at times.